Hi, my name is Michelle Troon, Remedial Massage Therapist and owner of Queenstown Sports Massage.

Michelle Troon head shot

My studies as a massage therapist began in 2002 while I was studying Sport and Exercise Science at University of Western Sydney.  What started as a way to pay my way through university became my lifelong passion and career.  The understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics learnt through my degree, along with my desire and dedication to listen to my clients and solve their pain problems has led me to a long and rewarding career in massage therapy. 

Pain in the body generally comes from muscle imbalance as a result of tension, trauma or poor posture.  I am able to address your muscle imbalance with massage, stretching and corrective exercise.

I always recommend at least a 90min treatment where possible to get the most out of your time and allow for each area of your body to receive the full attention required by working slowly and specifically. 

My list of formal education includes Diploma of Remedial Massage, a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

In my downtime I enjoy spending time with my two active little boys and husband. I like to snowboard in the Winter, hike, bike, golf and play tennis in the Summer and generally spend as much time outdoors as possible enjoying everything that beautiful Queenstown has to offer.

I love working with my clients to help them to be able to move more freely, reduce muscle tension,  improve performance and posture and get relief from their pain.  I look forward to connecting and working with you soon!